April 2018

Once again it's been busy month developmentally for this medium...and a busy one for myself also.  Therefore we feel the priority is to offer evidence that has been recorded in audio format, as we feel this most appropriately offers an insight of the spiritually effected progress being made and the phenomena witnessed during the séances held since February's report.

Many spirit communicators wish to make their presence known!  These recordings clearly demonstrate that those in the spirit world wish to communicate with us just as much as we enjoy hearing from them.
The spirit visitors appear to be as keen as we are to communicate!
Further enthusiastic communication!
Despite enthusiastic and rather confusing communication it is soon apparent that the medium's team are well able to restore order when required.
General social exchange, with some advice regarding water
Welcome offered by the medium's primary spirit communicator

Upon guidance from the spirit team we had laid a white muslin-covered oblong shaped canvas on the floor in front of the cabinet, with a séance trumpet standing upon it (positioned nearest to the cabinet).  The red light (referred to in this recording as the 'sacred fire') was turned on at the spirit guides request.  This is an on-going experiment:
Guest sees eagle within smoke
Another experiment effected this month required the provision of a small illuminated plaque: 
Small hand clearly seen upon illuminated plaque

The medium's closed circle sittings continue, with progress reports being published at intervals best suited to the offering of evidential and developmental information.

February 2018

This past month has been a busy one for this medium developmentally.  The team has been pushing ahead with the voice box and also with the presentations of visual phenomena, which is an area that is becoming demonstrated more consistently.  These forms have therefore taken priority over any intended experimentation with the chalk board.  In fact when we sat this month with the offered chalk board in place we weren't at all surprised when we instead became treated to a range of vocalisations!
Clip1   Clip2   Clip3   Clip4   Clip5

Information: Prior to, and during her séances recently the medium has been informed by her spirit team of the need to increase her fluid intake.  Currently she has been advised to drink a pint of warm water every half-hour in the two hours prior to sitting in séance, with extra intake immediately prior to sitting if she can manage it. 
More recently the medium has seen posts offered by another medium further developed than herself, who advises the fluid intake of 3 litres (5.2 pints) prior to sitting. 

January 2018

This period of experimentation was shared with myself and the medium, along with two established sitters and a guest. 
Once again the chalk boards were offered within the cabinet area as previously, and again without result...which is as one might expect (development takes time). 

Audio clips demonstrating continuing voice development:
Clip One
Clip Two

December 2017

Continuing our slate writing experiment, as further detailed within previous posts...this time the medium was seated, as previously, within the closed cabinet in blackout conditions.  The small table was placed to her left side, and upon this were placed three slates.  Under the guidance of her spirit team, on this occasion there were two large slates with, between them, a smaller one, along with a piece of limestone chalk.  The whole was sealed with a surround of masking tape, wrapped twice to ensure a true seal. 

The experimental séance lasted for almost an hour and during this period the mediums' level of consciousness varied.  For the most part she was aware of visual phenomena that was being presented to her within the closed cabinet area.  She saw figures and faces at this time, and was aware of conversations taking place between myself and her spirit team, although the communicated content was unknown to her.  Interestingly, after the séance she described seeing an upright lady in Victorian costume.  This aligned with a conversation that I'd shared with the spirit team, who said that a school teacher (Margaret, more familiarly known as Maggie) was attempting to effect a mark upon the chalk board, as she has previous historical experience of this.

The sitting was an interesting one, although upon closure when the chalk boards were examined no marks were apparent upon any surface.  This is no way negates the value nor interest of this experiment. 

This month has been a busy one.  The medium continues to sit regularly with focus upon her primary developmental intent, which is to further develop the voice box and the presentation of spiritually effected objective visual phenomena.  A few audio clips (recently recorded within the Lodge in blackout conditions) are offered here for your interest.
Link A   Link B   Link C   Link D 

Healing is another area of this mediums' development, with specific guides having been working with the medium for some time prior to introducing themselves to me here. 
Link E
Again, much like the slate writing experiment, this is another branch of her spirit teams developmental intent.

Art work is yet another element that holds the mediums' personal interest.  These paintings were effected recently whilst she was under trance control.

This second work was accompanied by these words 'To feel is to create Monet'
The feel is to create. To create is to give life a purpose, a meaning beyond which is more than can be known whilst here on this earth.  So many will be able to create their existence in the future.  Life is too limited at present. This will change as people realise their capacity to change that which is around them. Their lives will expand with their new found creative capacity.  Art is merely the start of this creative process.  Monet